Windsock Advisors is a company that translates fifty years of military and commercial aviation experience into leadership and business principles that can elevate your company’s performance to new heights. Using a model similar to that of preparation for airline pilots, Windsock Advisors will assist each client in developing management strategies that are individualized for daily operation of the company.  The Advisors will help the client identify current conditions, forecast possible threats, and assess the risk associated with new challenges. 

Our goal is to help each client mitigate their risk, become flexible in problem solving, meet and exceed the goals of their organization by helping their employees gain the competencies needed for effective strategy implementation.  Pilot success in a hazardous and dynamic environment is the direct result of years of training using deliberate practices that have been validated over time. The partners at Windsock Advisors have applied research methods to their experience in order to develop an original curriculum that harnesses these practices, and delivers them in a practical manner for use by leaders in the business world.


We design individualized courses tailored to your specific needs. Contact us and let us get to know you. We will provide an exclusive learning experience that will help your business soar.


We are also available for speaking engagements and would love the opportunity to share our insights and experiences with your organization.



A different experience, enabling you to climb higher!
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